We are a research team from Deusto University, in Spain. Our research is concerned with the Experimental Psychology of Learning and Memory and the affective processes related to them. We run experiments both in the university laboratory and through the Internet in order to advance our understanding of how people learn, forget, or develop causal illusions. We also work on applied research problems related to superstitions and pseudosciences (particularly the causal illusions associated to them). The experiments in which we are currently working can be categorized in the following areas:

–          Associative learning

–          Learning of causal and predictive relationships

–          Illusion of control and depressive realism

–          Illusions of causality

–          Retrieval induced forgetting

–          Implicit measures

–          Contingency judgment and decision making

–          Pseudoscience and causality

Take part in our on-line psychology experiments

In the Experiments section you will be able to take part in our experiments and get to know what we do. On finishing each experiment we will brief you about what we are looking into in that specific experiment.